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What, my little blurb on the front page wasn't enough to satisfy you?!

Okay, fair enough.

I'm Laura. Been a writer and creative-minded person for all my life, starting back in elementary school. I was the goofy girl writing poetry and short stories in the back of class. I was also the weird girl in high school who carried around a fishing tackle box containing the pieces to an invented fantasy game-- a wild mix of a board game, role-playing game, and Magic: The Gathering. Yeah. That's more information than you asked for, right?

I decided I wanted to be a writer during college, when I switched my major from Geology to English with a Creative Writing emphasis. Fantasy, science fiction, and adventure have always been my written worlds of choice, and these days, I write practically everything with an LGBT edge. I am personally queer, but my queerness doesn't define me, nor does it define anyone within my works of fiction. It simply exists.

My debut novel, Captive by the Fog, was been published by Musa Publishing. You can read more about it under the "Books" section on this site. I'm currently working on a new, fairly ambitious project that's a fantasy series filled with quite the colorful host of LGBT main characters. I also write short stories, and occasionally a really bad poem.

Besides being a fiction writer, I'm also a freelance video game journalist and copywriter. I'm the Editor-in-Chief for a gaming/geek-focused website called Junkies Nation.

I love gaming and consider myself to be a huge MMORPG fan. Besides MMOs, I also enjoy single-player RPGs, adventure games, and action RPGs.

I've been around the 'net for a number of years now, and couldn't resist posting this little mosaic of various avatars I've used over the years. Names you may know me as: Kharpern, Aklan, Setah, Serrain, Andain, and Kherea.

Writing and gaming are my two largest loves of my life, but I have a couple more-- reading and animals. My geeky love of fantasy and science fiction follows me here, too, and those are the genres I find myself lost in most often. Finding worlds to get lost in-- that's the point of awesome fiction. And that's my goal as a writer: to share my world, and showcase a journey that my readers enjoy getting lost in.

As for the animals? Have some pictures:

If you'd like to contact me, feel free to use Facebook, Twitter, or this blog. You can also email me at khartiger AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks for stopping by!

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