Friday, March 8, 2013

A Musical Treat for Captive by the Fog Fans

So, as you may or may not be aware, I was originally planning to create a book trailer for the release of Captive by the Fog. The trailer never quite happened due to various reasons (I may still come up with one someday!), but one thing that did result from this idea is something I'm here to eagerly share with you guys.

My awesome friend for many years, Jeremy Jones, also happens to be a music composer. He mostly creates original tracks for indie and fan-made video games, but when I swung my crazy book trailer idea by him and gave him a couple sample chapters of the novel, he decided he was up for the challenge of attempting to compose an original musical track for Captive by the Fog.

What I have for you today is that track. It's an instrumental track that excellently blends together both the tension and constrictive refines found in the early part of the novel with that flicker of candlelight and hope (and romance!) that make up the latter parts of the story. I know, that's a goofy description, but if you've read Captive by the Fog, you're probably well aware that my descriptions can often be goofy. ;)

You can go here to listen to a preview and download it for yourself.

You can listen to the track by using the handy play button or download it. The download price is listed as "Name your price", which means that if you're willing to contribute a little something for the track, you're free to do so. If money's tight (no hard feelings-- I'm there myself), then the track can be downloaded for free.

If you enjoy the track, make sure to take a look at Jeremy's full-length album that's currently available for pre-order. It's entitled Origins, and you can find out more about it here.

Take a listen! Tell me your thoughts. :D I'm extraordinarily pleased with the track. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Oh, and if you still need to pick up a copy of Captive by the Fog, you can do so at Musa Publishing, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.