Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go, Stars, Go!

I finally decided it was time to start a real writing blog.  I've attempted a few over the past five years or so, but at some point they'd all end up being kind of... dead.  So, here's hoping to keep this one alive.  I plan on using it to track some of my writing projects and post random motivational blips and musings. I may also babble about books I read and video games I play.  I do tend to be pretty random, as a warning.

I feel like I should start with some kind of self-summary, and I'm notoriously bad at those in general, but here goes: 

My name is Laura, and I'm a professional freelance writer and aspiring professional fiction writer.  I've been writing since elementary school, and have a B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC Davis, California.  I'm currently floundering around, attempting to earn a living with this writerly stuff.  

In attempting to decide whether to focus this blog primarily on my freelance or fiction writing adventures, I decided that at my very core-- I am a fiction writer.  This freelance writing thing is actually relatively new to me, and while I do enjoy it, my ultimate silly, sunlight-hued dream is to become a published fiction author.

I've currently got a number of writing projects going.  I have a sci-fi novel in its editing stages, another one in the planning stages, and a couple of short stories/novelettes floating around in between various stages.  I tend to stick within the sci-fi, fantasy, and speculative fiction realms, and I really enjoy adding a queer edge to much of my fiction.

My most current project is one of my old sci-fi short stories from my college writing workshop days.  After shoving it away into the dark abyss for a few years, I realized it was time to finally dig it out again and do some heavy editing and rewriting. 

As far as my freelance stuff goes, I'm currently writing articles for Rift Junkies and FORCE Junkies.  I'm a big MMORPG gamer, and it's definitely my forte.  I do some content site freelance writing as well.  I'll eventually post up some links and stuff to some of my articles.  For now, hello blog!